Main Products Manufacturing

Main products are: 1. 110kV and below power transformers (including oil-immersed transformer, dry-type transformer, rectifier transformer, furnace transformer, amorphous transformer, excitation transformer, isolation transformer, etc.); 2. Complete equipments: high and low voltage whole set switchgear; Box-type substation(including Compact Substation, Pad-mounted transformer, Wind power box transformer, PV box transformer, etc.); 3. Electronic transformers(including high-frequency transformer, mid-frequency transformer, high-frequency inductor, etc.); 4. Power quality products(including APF, SVG and SPC); 5. Special power supply, Inverter, UPS (including for vacuum coating: magnetron sputtering DC power supply, magnetron sputtering intermediate frequency power supply, magnetron sputtering bias power supply; high-power bidirectional controllable DC power supply; high-power programmable DC power supply, high voltage DC power supply, special non-standard DC power supply; SPS plasma sintering power supply; plasma nitriding surface treatment power supply; high-power electroplating power supply; high-power oxidation power, high-power electrolytic power, etc.)

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