High-voltage Pulsed Plasma Deodorization Device

  • High-voltage Pulsed Plasma Deodorization Device
  • High-voltage Pulsed Plasma Deodorization Device
  • High-voltage Pulsed Plasma Deodorization Device
  • High-voltage Pulsed Plasma Deodorization Device
High-voltage Pulsed Plasma Deodorization Device
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Narrow pulse technology, pulse frequency 80kHz .
No corona quenching and no back corona phenomenon .
Multiple functions:
(1) Dust removal - purification rate above 95%;
(2) White smoke removal - purification rate above 99%;
(3) Deodorization - purification rate above 95%;
(4) Black smoke removal - purification rate above 93%;
(5) The temperature can be lower than 300℃;
(6) Save the cost of chemical consumables;
(7) 10,000 air volumes only use 2 kilowatt hours of electricity.

Plasma gas purification tower + DRE Series High-voltage Pulsed Plasma Deodorization power supply

working principles:
High voltage pulsed power supply developed by Foshan Noah Electrical Co., Ltd. provides power source for plasma generators and provide high voltage ionization power source for gas purification towers. The power supply conforms to the Townsend discharge curve and supports multi-electrode discharge. During the working process, two electric potential fields are established at the same time, that is, the ionization electric field(the voltage is about 0.8~1.6 times the rated voltage)and adsorption electric field (the voltage is about 0.6~0.8 times the rated voltage), and then generate plasma in the reaction chamber. In the plasma state, there are a large number of active particles such as high-energy electrons, free radicals, dissociated atoms, and excited molecules. They have strong reactivity, and chemical reactions that are difficult to achieve by other means can be carried out in the plasma environment. There are two reaction steps: One is the steep front and extremely narrow pulse width high-voltage pulsed corona discharge. It can obtain non-equilibrium plasma at normal temperature and pressure, and can excite the discharge electrode (cathode) to release a large number of high-energy electrons instantly. High-energy electrons get energy from the electric field, move at a very high speed, and collide with molecules during the movement. It can directly interact with malodorous gas, decompose the gas into other substances and remove. At the same time, high-energy electrons generate excited particles, free radicals, ions and additional electrons through electron impact, excitation, and ionization of gas-carrying molecules. Due to the strong reactivity of the generated active particles, they can interact with malodorous gases, oxidize, reduce or decompose pollutant molecules, and transform malodorous gases into other environmentally harmless substances. On the other hand, the active particles produced by the activation will have high kinetic energy and internal energy under the action of the electric field, which can break the chemical bonds of the malodorous gas, promote its decomposition into simple atoms or harmless molecules, and finally realize the purification of the malodorous gas. (E.G.:H2S→H++S2-;NH3→N2+H2)

Working process:
special power supply
Deodorization type:
Garbage deodorization, farm/slaughterhouse deodorization, sewage deodorization, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) deodorization, etc.

Advantages of DRE series plasma deodorization device:
1. The odor removal rate can reach more than 95%; 2. The electron energy is high, and it can interact with almost all odorous gas molecules; 3. Simple equipment, small space and small investment. 4. Modular structure and support combination. In the applications, it can be integrated in parallel according to the user's load requirements, providing greater output power, and can exert obvious advantages when dealing with high-concentration odor gases. 5. No need for any warm-up time, it can be turned on and off immediately; 6. Energy saving: process 10000m³/h of odor, power consumption is only about 3 degrees; 7. No need for pretreatment, no waste discharge, no secondary pollutants, no consumables, and extremely low operating costs; 8. Simple operation, no special person is required to be on duty, and there is no operation and maintenance cost; it can be controlled remotely through the Internet of Things.
Advantages of DRE Series High-voltage Pulsed Plasma Deodorization power supply:
1.Plasma reduction method to remove various malodorous gases. 2.Pulse frequency 80kHz, pulse width 0-10μs. 3.Voltage ripple <1%, μs level arc spark response speed. 4.Breakthrough of corona sealing, no back corona phenomenon. 5.50% power saving than power frequency power supply, 20% power saving than ordinary high frequency power supply. 6.Continuous working with water spray: clean the electrostatic field without stopping the power supply.

Parameter process:

Customization: Please provide production conditions, effective air volume, concentration components, test reports, acceptance standards, geographical information, considerations, and other information to tailor an effective environmental protection plan for your company.

Customized Plasma Power Supply




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