Static Var Generator Cabinet

  • Static Var Generator Cabinet
Static Var Generator Cabinet
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Static Var Generator Cabinet
● Improve three phase imbalance
● Improve power factor
● Up to 8 modules in parallel operation max
● OEM and customized support

SVG Working principle

SVG through the external current transformer, monitoring the load current in real time, and through the internal DSP calculation to analyze the reactive content of load current. Then according to the set value to control the PWM signal, which sends control signal to the internal IGBT so that the inverter produces reactive power compensation current to meet the requirements to achieve the purpose of dynamic reactive power compensation.

Static Var Generator


Basic technical parameter

Input line voltage: 380V±15% (customized)

Number of phases: 3P4W/3P3W

Frequency: 50/60±5Hz(User set)

Compensation current (per phase): 35A~100kVAR (Depending on the model)

Multiple operation: Up to 8 modules in parallel

CT ratio range: 150:5~6000:5

Degree of protection: IP20

Colour: 7035 gray

Net weight: 20KG~50KG(Depending on the model) 

Max. Number of SVG modules in a cabinet: four


statcomStatic Var Generator

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